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New Book: Exalted (And a Goodreads Giveaway!)

My newest book, Exalted, is finally finished and ready to head to publication. This book has been a pet project for the last few weeks as something to keep the writing flowing. There have been considerable changes in my life and time to sit and write isn't something I have as much of anymore. The back cover reads: [su_quote]Explore the seven deadly sins as told through modern situations. Each story follows unpleasant circumstances we’ve all been subjected to, either in person or by recollection of another. Step into a relationship or a heated moment and ask yourself where you would have ended up. The answer might surprise you.[/su_quote] This novella is split into seven parts, with each sin getting its own story. These stories are not for the faint of heart and include subject matter that may be distressing to some readers, including domestic violence, addiction, and murder. Those of you familiar with my other works will know what to expect with this release. With the success of my last giveaway, there is a current Goodreads giveaway for this title which you can see by heading over here. (I'll also include it at the bottom of the post.) It starts on the 16th and runs to the 24th. Go ahead and bookmark it so you can get entered, there are three copies up for grabs. As always, thanks for reading and sharing. Goodreads Book Giveaway Exalted by Roy Miller Giveaway ends May 24, 2017. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter…


As of today, my newest title, Halcyon, is available for purchase. This title is a themed piece on grief, and all of the proceeds will be donated to The Dougy Center for grieving children and families. If you're interested, you can check out more below. [su_quote style="default" cite="" url="" class=""]Simon Fields led an idyllic life of Midwest suburban bliss with his wife and daughter, until everything was ripped away from him in a split second. A promising life of wonder and possibility suddenly turned to crushing despair and uncertainty. How does one cope?[/su_quote] Halcyon explores the grief process and the very difficult attempt to sort through emotion and move on from tragedy. From desperate sorrow to unyielding happiness, follow Simon as he remembers his family and picks up the pieces through a series of letters to his former next-door neighbor. With the way the prices are set, each purchase equals a $5.00 donation to TDC. $12.00 for print and $7.17 for eBook. With 70% royalties from Amazon for the eBook, the price of $7.17 equals out to exactly $5.00, which is almost the same for the print version. To be exact, the print version royalties are $5.05 which is the closest I could get with a round price number. (I expect to sell more print copies so I rounded it for customer satisfaction.) If I sell at least 100 copies, I'll donate the $5.00 worth of nickels as well. If you can't afford it or have no way to buy…

Anthology Piece

A short story of mine was accepted into an Anthology by Zimbell House Publishing called "On a Dark and Snowy Night." Complimentary copies should start shipping to authors on February 22nd, which means it'll be available to order right around the same time. This collection of short stories must be set in the dead of winter, where anything can happen. Each tale must begin with “On a dark and snowy night…” Zimbell House Publishing is holding open submissions for short stories and novellas to be featured in this upcoming collection that is full of things that can happen in winter. This collection will be unique in that the opening line for each story has been set. Where the story goes from there is up to the contributor. Will it be a tale of true love found? or lost? Has a mad man escaped? A car crash that changed someone’s life? Is it a story where a carriage is found, but the occupants are mysteriously missing? Did a stranded traveler find a sinister abandoned mansion? or a warm and kind hearth to wait out the storm?

Down in the Dirt July-December 2015

Down in the Dirt Magazine has released an anthology of the second half of 2015 titled The Intersection, which includes my piece, Nimble, that was published in the hello goodbye goodbye hello issue (October.) This anthology is 420 pages long and includes over 150 stories and poems from almost as many authors. Support the indie writing scene and potentially even find a new favorite author. You can view the listing here and pick up a copy over here.

Second Edition Now Available

The second edition of A Life With You is now fully available in print from CreateSpace and Amazon. A few changes have been made, which I've outlined below: Revised content for better structure and flow. New cover design and back information. New size-book is smaller and easier to handle. Chapter titles feature my own handwriting. Free eBook link included in the back. To get more information and pick up a copy, head on over here. Thanks for your support!

A Life With You, Second Edition

The second edition of my debut publication is available now. The content has been revised, edited and perfected on a new level, and the cover was redone to reflect the change. There's also a resource for those who purchase the print edition to redeem a free digital edition if desired. Enjoy the read, and thank you for your support.