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New Book: Exalted (And a Goodreads Giveaway!)

My newest book, Exalted, is finally finished and ready to head to publication. This book has been a pet project for the last few weeks as something to keep the writing flowing. There have been considerable changes in my life and time to sit and write isn't something I have as much of anymore. The back cover reads: [su_quote]Explore the seven deadly sins as told through modern situations. Each story follows unpleasant circumstances we’ve all been subjected to, either in person or by recollection of another. Step into a relationship or a heated moment and ask yourself where you would have ended up. The answer might surprise you.[/su_quote] This novella is split into seven parts, with each sin getting its own story. These stories are not for the faint of heart and include subject matter that may be distressing to some readers, including domestic violence, addiction, and murder. Those of you familiar with my other works will know what to expect with this release. With the success of my last giveaway, there is a current Goodreads giveaway for this title which you can see by heading over here. (I'll also include it at the bottom of the post.) It starts on the 16th and runs to the 24th. Go ahead and bookmark it so you can get entered, there are three copies up for grabs. As always, thanks for reading and sharing. Goodreads Book Giveaway Exalted by Roy Miller Giveaway ends May 24, 2017. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter…

Free Books Giveaway!

I'm running a contest for some free books! This giveaway begins Tuesday, April 25th at 12:00 AM and will continue until Tuesday, May 2nd at 12:00 AM. At the end of the week-long signup window the winner will be chosen at random and they will receive: Single, signed copies of all three of my currently published books. Printed manuscript of an unreleased story from my early days. A few business cards and a luxury postcard featuring my first publication. A donation to The Dougy Center in your name, with a printed receipt. Assorted goodies. Of course, as with any contest that provides physical prizes, you must be able and willing to provide a valid shipping address to receive the winnings. Unfortunately, this first contest will only be open to those in the continental US, but I'm hoping to make the next one international. Subscribe to the mailing list to unlock the entry form below! a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Note on Plagiarism

I received an extremely rude email from one 'Jonny Diamond' at LitHub today, telling me to "stop posting full articles from without any attribution or credit." On top of that, he says, "Beyond any legal ramifications, it's just a really shitty thing to do." That definitely rubs me the wrong way, and it needs to be addressed. My site runs with a plugin called WP-Auto, where you input RSS feeds and it'll automatically make new posts when new items show up on the feed. These posts are made as-is, with no editing done whatsoever from the original content in the feed. Content links are left intact and any footers that mention the author or other websites are included. I've included several sources from The NY Times and the Boston Globe among others. Furthermore, every post that I didn't write myself has a source link on the bottom. If he would have taken two seconds to look, he would have noticed that. The About page also states that I don't claim ownership of any article that I don't write, and if a copyright claim comes up for any reason (unauthorized use of a purchased stock image for example) I comply with any takedown requests. A little bit of professionalism goes a long way. I've covered my bases and I try very hard to make sure that anyone that creates anything in any way is fully sourced and noticed for their work. Writing is an extremely difficult business to make it…