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Monday, June 26, 2017
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Former Dallas Police Chief David Brown On Overcoming Racial Division : NPR

This content was originally published by Samantha Raphelson on 6 June 2017 | 11:28 pm. Source link ...

New Crop of Young Adult Novels Explores Race and Police Brutality

“The Hate U Give,” which takes its title from a phrase coined by the rapper Tupac...

Two Books Argue the Case for Police Reform From Within

Zimring’s book, “When Police Kill,” is essentially a 300-page riff on a single statistic: Roughly 1,000...

Fiction: In the Japanese Hit ‘Six Four,’ a Police Inspector Weighs Questions of Loyalty.

In Hideo Yokoyama’s “Six Four,” a Japanese policeman searches for two lost teenagers, one of them his own daughter. Source link

Seven Day Story: Conclusion

Marcus Colvin for BBTV 7, Brantleberry In the early morning hours of Tuesday the fourteenth, the body of a missing cave diver was discovered about...