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Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest

For those that have been waiting, my next title is available now. Marketing doesn't start until Cyber Monday, but I figured I'd give a heads-up post here today. Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest contains 223 pages broken down into 23 separate stories, ranging from 2 and a half pages at the shortest to 30 at the longest. To get more information on the title and to find out where you can buy, check out the post for the title. (Protip: Amazon has a HOLIDAY30 promo code you can use for 30% off for a limited time.) Special thanks to my family and everyone who helped me out in some way. I wouldn't be a mediocre "artist" with a slave labor job making sub-poverty wages if it wasn't for you. Or, well, you know what I mean.