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Seven Day Story: Part 1

(A seven day story is just that, a story written over seven days. Each day's story has to be written completely on that day with no prior planning.) To anyone that may find this: My name is Caleb and I've been cave-mapping in the forest north of Brantleberry for the past ten days. Two days ago I finished the last of my original route and decided to keep going. I had food for another week since I brought two weeks worth just in case. I say had because an accidental slip caused me to lose one of my packs in a cave pool. It sank to the bottom and I couldn't see it, even with my headlight. Luckily I didn't lose my gear pack, but even so, I can't eat rope. I thought that would be the worst of my worries, having to hike a day or two back to the signal spot for pickup with no prepared food. I was wrong. This morning I ran into a family of black bears. A mother and two cubs. They came within about thirty yards of me, and when the mother locked eyes with me I thought it would be best to disappear atop the trees and get off the ground. I mean, I know bears can climb, but I figured if I could get high enough into a tree before they got to me I could maybe get out of sight. Another bonehead move born of hunger. As I climbed I watched…

Down in the Dirt July-December 2015

Down in the Dirt Magazine has released an anthology of the second half of 2015 titled The Intersection, which includes my piece, Nimble, that was published in the hello goodbye goodbye hello issue (October.) This anthology is 420 pages long and includes over 150 stories and poems from almost as many authors. Support the indie writing scene and potentially even find a new favorite author. You can view the listing here and pick up a copy over here.