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Seven Day Story Part 4

I made it maybe a mile before I felt the blood running down my leg. It's mostly numb, but I thought I felt a tickling sensation and it was bugging me. When I looked down my leg was completely red from the half way point of my shin down. All the strain of walking ripped the cauterized wound open. I'm not sure how long it was like that before I noticed, but it has me worried. My pants are covered in things from the forest that dried in the original blood. There's no telling what kind of infection I could get. Currently, I'm looking through a clearing. I'm about two miles in, and I figure if I can do two miles each day I should make it back just in time. Trying to work through this with my leg makes it about ten times harder than it would be otherwise. I say ten because I've done these types of trips a hundred times in my life, and doing this one right now feels about ten times harder. I don't know why it's not six or eight, or even twelve. Ten just feels right. Actually, nothing feels right at the moment. I think maybe I'll camp here at the edge of this part of the forest. I can see things coming easily with the clearing in front of me, and I've done a pretty good job of shuffling up sticks and stuff hobbling through so I should hear them coming from…


Sorry for the lack of news lately. I've been busy submitting query letters to agents, trying to find a home for the recently finished manuscript. It's not an easy task so I've been trying to concentrate on it and tweak my approaches to better suit me. Recently I added a couple archived titles to the Books section. No copies can be ordered of these titles, but their covers and information can be seen to get an idea of what I have in my collection. In the coming weeks I hope to put out a few more things. I have a letter out to Paste Magazine that I'm waiting to hear back on, and I'm working on curating some new contacts. Thanks for all the continued support. Stay tuned.