Web Writing

Today, most companies realize a good online writer is at the center of every successful online marketing effort. Online ad spending has overtaken all print ad spending for newspapers and magazines combined, and mobile advertising spending has increased nearly 60% over 2014 totals. With this information in hand, it’s a no-brainer that you should be on the lookout for a great web writer, and I’m here to fill that position for you. A lot of people tend to think that writing for the web is the same thing as writing for print, and they can just use the same pieces for a magazine ad and for a website landing page. I’ll explain a little how these mediums are different, and why you could use someone like me.

The difference between web and print writing is that the Internet is not a commercial media outlet. The most popular websites out there today are social-based, meaning the sites getting the most traffic are sites in which the content is built by the people, not commercial interest. That said, your target audience is more likely to respond to warmer, conversational writing instead of sales-heavy writing. For this job, your company’s performance hinders on the experience of the writer and how savvy they are at directing your marketing to the right people in the right place. With some of my course achievements being Digital Branding and Engagement, English Grammar and Style and Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, couple those with a decade of social media experience in creating and maintaining community pages and you have someone that is poised and ready to get your message not only seen, but engaged and turned into sales.

As a breakdown, here are some points in web writing that you can expect from me:

  • Subscription, information and landing pages
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Audits

Special pages are those of subscription, information, and landing. Each one serves a purpose, and that purpose is different than the other pages on your site. Subscription pages hold information on subscribing to a service, such as a magazine or entertainment website. Information pages are repositories for resources on a certain product or subject, including links for purchase other outside information. Landing pages are specially set up for a product release, such as a new book or after signing up for a service. These pages serve as either a purchase hook to grab the reader’s attention . Having improperly setup pages will cause you to lose traffic and sales.

Content Marketing consist of articles, blog posts, e-newsletters, promotional emails, case studies, reports, reviews and other content that will attract new prospects. This content will help them make purchase decisions, build rapport and increase your company’s credibility. The email setup includes broadcast emails, autoresponders and newsletters to keep in touch with your current customers. These encourage them to repeat business and share with their friends and family. Making sure that the information you’re putting out there is accurate, simple, and effective is integral to your business. I’m always available for revisions and additions.

Website Audits are a way for companies to get a grade on their web presence. This can be done for websites and social media accounts alike. I check a variety of different things including any subscription pages, newsletters, content, links, and website “dead-ends.” This information is used to write up a report on what I’ve found. The report includes ways to streamline your content, increase your SEO rankings, and clean up navigation. Most importantly, it will tell you how to shine a bright light on your products.

I am available for single jobs or hire on retainer. If you’d like a quote, please contact me and I’ll be glad to work with you.