According to the U.S. Government and The Foundation Center, there’s over $544 billion up for grabs each and every year from thousands of sources. On top of that, there are also more than 75,000 foundations that give away billions more every year. What this basically means is, if a worthwhile organization needs money — there’s most likely an agency or foundation ready to help out. You just need to have the right pitch, and more importantly, the right person to send it to.

As a writer, I will help you craft your proposal from start to finish, including your vision, goals, and hopes for the future. We can outline your financial needs including workforce (if necessary) materials, advertising and more. This part of the project is a two-way street: If you feel like doing more of this on your own, I encourage that, and I’ll be there at the end to help check for spelling and grammar. If you’d like me to take the reigns, I can do that as well, but I will always check with you before moving forward with anything. As the client, you always have the final say.

When we’re finished, I’ll get the proposal into the right hands to make sure you have the best chance possible at receiving your grant. If you or your company is ready to take the next step to get your project started, please contact me for a quote and we’ll work out the details.