A young man with a fetish for women's undergarments goes to great lengths to claim the prize of his dreams.


Dante's Diner plays host to a 500lb+ man who, in a fit of carb-induced rage, decides to help himself to another patron's meal.


Marv's thirst for a lavish and single lifestyle lands him and his family in debt, causing disarray in the home.


The loss of a friend has Chip giving up on life himself, but his descent into pain killers and infomercials affects more lives than just his.


Gary's boss delivers the final straw that leads to him quitting his job, but what happens after leads him back to his childhood home and an act of supreme evil.


After being robbed, Theo is invited into a restaurant to recoup, but he doesn't leave empty-handed.


With a storm on the way, a man decides to forego the warnings to stop in a safe place and endures grave consequences.

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