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A Life With You

A Life With You details the small moments of life as lived with a partner.

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Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest

Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest takes you on an often heart-wrenching ride through mental health and personal emotions.

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Simon Fields records his journey through grief in a series of letters to his former neighbor.

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The America We Knew

The America We Knew is a crisp, heart-pounding ride showcasing what happens when the foundation of our lives collapses.

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Visit the site for this book Explore the seven deadly sins as told through modern situations. Each story follows unpleasant circumstances we’ve all been subjected to, either in person or by the recollection of another. Step into a relationship or a heated moment and ask yourself where you would have…

The Promise of Tomorrow (The America We Knew #2)

Tori and her friends are back in another installment of the pulse-pounding The America We Knew series. Can they save America from a bloody future?

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The Fire Inside (Frozen Flame #2)

The second installment of the Frozen Flame series. Follow the girls as they plot their way to safety, or find themselves in a situation they can’t escape from.

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Frozen Flame

Tori is enjoying her secluded vacation alone, until a stranger knocks on her door. In need of shelter from the storm, Tori allows her to stay the night, without knowing she would change her life forever.

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Nothing Feels Good

Between dealing with her parents impending divorce and discovering who she wants to be, Tori also must fend off the incessant bullying of one of the girls in her group. That is, until she begins to question her feelings for the girl.

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