Roy Miller is a Midwestern cinephile and book fiend. He enjoys watching and discussing film, reading anything from short stories to screenplays and listening to music, mainly post-rock and modern classical. While storytelling wasn’t his first choice of a career, the natural ability to cultivate an idea and bring it to life not only continued to grow stronger but demanded a bigger space in his life. With the release of his first publication titled A Life With You, Roy knew that his passion for touching people’s lives as a wordsmith would continue to grow into something that would overshadow any other career endeavors.

The Midwest and small towns play a big part in Roy’s storytelling experience. Having lived in everything from a small town to a big city, his understanding of how a person’s surroundings dictate their personality has allowed him to build complex characters that seem realistic and well-rounded in just a few pages. His focus is less on lavish world detail and more on the minutiae of human interaction. Intricate dialogue, physical ticks, and unpredictable personal behavior are staples in his works.

As of January 2016, Roy has one two self-published titles. The first title being an experimental one to test the water of self-publication, it sold pretty well for marketing on a non-existent budget. After a successful crowdfunding endeavor, Roy started development on the second title, a collection of short stories and what will be considered the first concrete step toward his magnum opus. Roy has been published in several literary magazines, and also had letters published in his local newspaper. He has donated his skills pro-bono to individuals and organizations, including copyediting, proofreading, and ghost writing.

He currently resides in Michigan.

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