Roy Miller is the award-winning author of A Life With You, Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest, Halcyon, and Exalted. He is a regular contributor to his local newspaper and has several publications in various literary magazines and anthologies. He was the winner of the 2013 Topaz Award for Author of the Year.

Funny enough, he skipped enough in high school to end up going to juvenile detention, then went on to attend an alternative high school that rewarded kids for seemingly doing nothing, and managed to successfully drop out and complete his GED. For someone that had an entirely unorthodox education, his choice to pursue writing was curious and often confusing for the people close to him.

In 2014, Roy released his first title, A Life With You, to much praise. The 2015 follow-up, Sunburnt Farmlands of the Midwest, was his first major release, featuring 23 stories clocking in at 220 pages. In the first quarter of 2016, he released Halcyon, an experimental collection of letters from a man to his old neighbor, which set the course for more experimental work moving forward. Roy’s latest release, 2017’s Exalted was his second foray into themed shorts, with a seven-part collection based on the seven deadly sins.

When not writing, Roy gets a steady supply of inspiration from volunteering as a crisis counselor through 7 Cups of Tea. Other avenues of creativity include working on film, writing and editing screenplays and adaptations, and attempting to paint (sometimes).


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