Please! No More Guest Posts Accepted Here!

by Anne Wayman
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Back in the day, I’d look forward to the occasional email from a fellow writer asking if they could do some guest posts for me. Often it would turn out to be an exchange – they’ do one for me and I’d return the favor.

Sure, we knew it might give us more ‘google juice’ and raise our rankings a bit. But the primary reason was mutual support.

Some place along the way the spirit of mutual support has been replaced by a rampant commercialism. Which shouldn’t surprise me but it has. In fact if you google paid guest posting or who pays guest posters etc. you’ll begin to understand my problem.

Like many bloggers I’m a one woman band. These days in spite of posting some pretty clear rules about how I will accept guest posting, it’s obvious most of those who submit queries have never looked at the site, in spite of their assurances to the contrary. (That page will soon be changed to refer people here – I’m hoping at least a few will learn from this and quit spamming.)

In come requests to add guest posts here by the dozens – literally – in a month. If I don’t respond many of them will continue to fill my in box reminding me I haven’t responded. I guess whoever teaches these folks doesn’t include the idea that if a blogger doesn’t respond, hit ’em up again and again until they do.

Directing them to the directions has not resulted in any increase in quality of submissions.

When I’ve said yes, the quality has been, with a few exceptions, poor.

If you want me to teach you how to write I can, but I charge money for that.

So as of today, no more guest posts. Find another way to try to earn a living writing or give up writing altogether.

If I want a post from you I’ll reach out to you. Save  your time and mine and move on down the road.

Write well and often, but for yourself or someone else, not me unless I ask,

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