8 Ways to Write Efficiently Creating More Time for Your Creativity

by Anne Wayman
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When you write efficiently you actually also create more space for your own creativity.

I recently took on a project that’s got some pretty tight time demands and I was feeling a bit at odds with it because I knew it would cut into my own writing.

Then I asked myself an important question:

Is there a way I can do this project and still have plenty of time for my own writing? 

Funny how often asking the right question provides a workable answer.

What came to me as an answer was simple “write efficiently.”

8 tips to help you and me write efficiently

  1. I’m timing how long it takes me to do various tasks. Knowing that will give me some measure of the progress I am or am not making in terms of use of time. I’m using Toggl to do this because it’s so darn simple.
  2. Last night I blocked out the hours I’m planning on spending on the project. I use Google calendar because it’s right here where I need it – the tentative hours  I’m dedicating to the project.  At this point it’s four hours a day four days a week. Since I’m not sure that’s actually enough time I’m experimenting with that schedule for this week planning to evaluate Friday or over the weekend.
  3. I’m giving myself plenty of permission to redo the schedule.
  4. I planned this article before I sat down to write. Ideally this would be done the evening before. I’m convinced that knowing where I’m going to start my writing the next day makes it possible for me to write efficiently as soon as I sit down at the computer.
  5. I’m also clear on my purpose with this post – to help writers discover how they can write efficiently.
  6. I’m postponing even glancing at email knowing what a distraction that can be.
  7. I’m keeping my eye on the word count, knowing that something 300 words or more is what’s currently considered optimum for search engines.
  8. In the back of my mind I’m wondering what sort of follow-on article I could do when I next write a post for this blog – nothing has come yet, but it will, in plenty of time.

There. I’ll let you know how this all works out in a week or so.

How do you write efficiently?

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BTW, it’s taken me 33 minutes to write, add an ad and publish this short post.

Write well and often,


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