An Empty Wallet Is No Excuse

An Empty Wallet Is No Excuse – (Sharon Lippincott)
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Passion soared when I read this Facebook comment:

Being a writer is my dream. But I can’t afford to take writing classes.

I was not the only one to reply. The following list includes points made in other responses along with additional thoughts of my own:

Anyone who makes words visible on screen or paper is a writer. You do not need to be published. Your local library is full of books about how to write.The web is full of blogs, tutorials, newsletters, free webinars, and other resources to sharpen writing skills.Whether you can afford to take classes or not, find a local writing group. I summarize their benefits in this post.Do a web search to look for a group, and also ask at your library. All the dozen-plus successful memoir/lifestory writing groups I’ve been involved with have been library sponsored. Keep an eye open for free or nearly so classes. Senior centers and community colleges are likely locales.Online writing groups may be as good or better than local ones. Check sites like the ones on this list for free on-line writing classes targeted to specific skill topics. Search for “free online memoir writing courses” to find free classes and groups. Caveat: free classes are often a come-on for pricey follow-up classes and/or coaching services. Take advantage of what you can get and keep expectations low.

So, you see, you can learn to write well with an empty wallet. Don’t put it off. Start now. Eventually you can even publish for absolutely free via CreateSpace and Kindle, though you’re likely to attract more readers with a small investment in a good cover and some editing beyond what your writing group and beta readers can give you. Your own efforts are perfectly acceptable for limited family and friends’ distribution.

Beyond any thoughts of publication, WRITING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. I’ve written extensively about that, especially in my archived blog, Writing for the Health of It.

Now you know an empty wallet is no excuse. What else might be holding you back from following your dream of becoming a writer?

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