3 Top Reasons Why You Have So Many Rejected Guest Post Queries

3 Top Reasons Why You Have So Many Rejected Guest Post Queries – Anne Wayman
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I got this question about rejected guest post queries in comments:

How I can convince blog owner for guest posts. I am talking about niche related guest posts. Recently I published Extinguisher Deer Call reviews  post but I failed to gain guest posts on niche related domain. please give me tips to contact blog owners. which language I use to contact them. thanks

I would guess that at least 95 percent of the folks who say they want to write for my blots end up in the pile of rejected guest post queries. I know it seems rude on the other side, but believe me, it’s more self-defense than anything else.

All rejected guest post queries cost me time

First of all, please know that of all the guest post queries a blogger receives, every single one is an interruption unless the blogger has asked you to do a guest post. Many bloggers simply don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with these emails, which is why you’re often ignored.

The English isn’t good enough

Next, as in the example of this question, the English isn’t good enough. Okay, I don’t speak whatever native language this comment writer speaks. I’m actually pretty impressed that this person writes my language as well as they do. That said, the first sentence isn’t right and the second sentence while maybe technically correct, isn’t idiomatically on target. The third sentence isn’t properly constructed either and is, in fact, full of errors.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

Only excellent English will help you avoid rejected guest post queries. You must write in the idiom of the United States if that’s your target. That’s why you’ll see technical errors here and elsewhere – it’s because we speak the idiom.

Shameless self-promotion – Now this writer could hire me as a coach and I could help, at a price. If they really want to break into the English speaking, and American market, getting a writing coach might be just the ticket. I was once hired by a company in India precisely for my “American accent” in writing. It makes a difference, believe me.

No clue about the blog they say they want to write for

The third reason for so many rejected guest posts is that the query reveals the writer has not looked closely, if at all, at the blog they say they want to write a post for. In fact, my hunch is this is the most common reason for rejection by far.

Very few ever find the guest post information on the top menu of this site – where I spell out my policies about guest posting.

It blows me away how many of these spurious requests I get. Websites that offer to do student’s homework, for a fee of course, are probably the most common. Everyone of those becomes a rejected guest post, and mostly ignored.

Apparently there are people out there selling the idea that you can make money with guest posts, because these requests come in waves. Well, you can’t – not unless your follow the directions you find on almost every blogging site, write in excellent idiomatic English and really understand the blog you are asking about.

Write well and often,

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