John Belushi Is Dead by Kathy Charles

I ran across this book one day when I was looking for something else completely, and I have to admit the cover stopped me and made me give it a closer look. From the description, I figured it would be some type of (at least somewhat) gaudy teenage crime drama a la The Bling Ring, but what I was actually met with was something much more intelligent and comfortable to bite into.

The main characters, Hilda, Benji, and Hank, are definitely not without their flaws from a writing perspective, but they are easy to connect to and identify with, which makes the story flow along that much better. I wish in some ways that the mini-arc between Hilda and Benji would have had more development and possibly gone a different way, but that would have changed the flavor of the whole story, and I respect Kathy for what she’s done here. I mean, this is an MTV Books release and it’s geared toward the Young Adult crowd, so take that for what it is before you crack the spine.

Overall, this story of overwhelming death, depression, and redemption will remind you that while obsessions can keep you going in some ways, they can also hold you back in others. Kathy Charles does a great job of pointing out that the ways we look at things can have a heavy influence on who we are and why we do the things we do, even if we don’t realize it. This title is chocked full of meaty bits of information on a slew of celebrity deaths, and will probably have something new even for those who dabble in the subject.

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