Fresh Start

Well, something happened with my database and with the help of my host’s customer service, I now have to start over.

Basically, everything was fine one day, and the next, I was getting database errors from the site. First, it was just the site, then it was the wp-admin area. I looked in phpMyAdmin and realized that my WordPress database was gone. I found this strange, since the site still showed up even with a cache reload and by checking it from an outside computer/phone not on my network. I contacted support, and their fix was to edit my wp-config file to use an old backup of my site, then tell me I had the settings wrong (when the first thing I told them was that I hadn’t made any changes whatsoever). She ended up saying, “that’s all I can do from here” and that was it. Sweet, right?

I have an old MySQL backup from Nov. ’16, but since I have shared hosting I would have to fill out a support ticket and everything to get them to look at it and restore the backup. I think sometime I might have them restore just that old version of the db, so I can pull out some of my past posts from there and port them over. We’ll see. Until then, we’re starting from scratch.

Welcome back.

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