New Book: Exalted (And a Goodreads Giveaway!)2 min read

My newest book, Exalted, is finally finished and ready to head to publication. This book has been a pet project for the last few weeks as something to keep the writing flowing. There have been considerable changes in my life and time to sit and write isn’t something I have as much of anymore. The back cover reads:

Explore the seven deadly sins as told through modern situations. Each story follows unpleasant circumstances we’ve all been subjected to, either in person or by recollection of another. Step into a relationship or a heated moment and ask yourself where you would have ended up. The answer might surprise you.

This novella is split into seven parts, with each sin getting its own story. These stories are not for the faint of heart and include subject matter that may be distressing to some readers, including domestic violence, addiction, and murder. Those of you familiar with my other works will know what to expect with this release.

With the success of my last giveaway, there is a current Goodreads giveaway for this title which you can see by heading over here. (I’ll also include it at the bottom of the post.) It starts on the 16th and runs to the 24th. Go ahead and bookmark it so you can get entered, there are three copies up for grabs. As always, thanks for reading and sharing.

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