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Flatiron Books president and publisher Bob Miller has announced the acquisition of two non-fiction works by former Vice President Joe Biden, as well as a third book to be co-written with Dr. Jill Biden, his wife.

Sources say the deal is valued at $8 million; Flatiron and its parent company, Macmillan, would not comment. The Bidens were represented by CAA in the world rights deal, Flatiron Books’ editorial director Colin Dickerman is set to edit.

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Speaking to the titles, Miller said they “promise to give us all a deeper understanding of recent political history.” He added that they will also be “about the values that have given the vice president strength in both good times and bad.”

Both books have yet to be titled. The first of the two titles will focus on how Biden dealt with political turmoil in the White House while mourning the death of his son, Beau.

This story has been updated with further information.

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