A Note on Plagiarism2 min read

I received an extremely rude email from one ‘Jonny Diamond’ at LitHub today, telling me to “stop posting full articles from LitHub.com without any attribution or credit.” On top of that, he says, “Beyond any legal ramifications, it’s just a really shitty thing to do.” That definitely rubs me the wrong way, and it needs to be addressed.

My site runs with a plugin called WP-Auto, where you input RSS feeds and it’ll automatically make new posts when new items show up on the feed. These posts are made as-is, with no editing done whatsoever from the original content in the feed. Content links are left intact and any footers that mention the author or other websites are included. I’ve included several sources from The NY Times and the Boston Globe among others.

Furthermore, every post that I didn’t write myself has a source link on the bottom. If he would have taken two seconds to look, he would have noticed that. The About page also states that I don’t claim ownership of any article that I don’t write, and if a copyright claim comes up for any reason (unauthorized use of a purchased stock image for example) I comply with any takedown requests. A little bit of professionalism goes a long way.

I’ve covered my bases and I try very hard to make sure that anyone that creates anything in any way is fully sourced and noticed for their work. Writing is an extremely difficult business to make it in and I would never purposely do anything to take money or exposure away from a fellow author. I take the accusations of plagiarism and theft very seriously and feel it necessary to speak about it here.

Anyone that has questions can contact me freely for more information. Thanks for reading.