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The Women’s National Book Association is celebrating its centennial this year and has planned a raft of programs and events to mark the occasion.

While the WNBA held a few events so far this year—last week it announced plans to send a book a day to the Trump administration in March—its big push begins now to mark Women’s History Month. A centerpiece of its efforts in the release of Celebrating Women’s Voices, two lists of 100 fiction and 100 nonfiction books that are considered to be among the most influential works written by women.

Other Centennial year programs include:

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WNBA Second Century Prize, supporting the power of reading past, present, and future.

Bookwomen Speak: The WNBA Visionaries Series, throughout 2017 in chapters across the country

WNBA Award, Centennial Edition, two outstanding women will be honored in the centennial year.

Women in the Book World: 100 Years of Leadership and the WNBA, a book exploring women’s leadership in the book world, to be published in the September 2017

The WNBA Turns 100!, a cocktail reception in NYC in October 2017, to be help at Pen + Brush, a WNBA partner, when we will award the Second Century Prize and WNBA Award, honor past recipients, and celebrate our partners and supporters across the years.

The WNBA was formed in November 1917 by a group of women booksellers who meet at Sherwood’s Bookstore in New York City to form a league of women active in all aspects of the book world. Having been shut out of the all-male American Booksellers Association and the Bookseller’s League, the women connected, educated, and advocated for themselves, and the Women’s National Book Association was born.

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