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As of today, my newest title, Halcyon, is available for purchase. This title is a themed piece on grief, and all of the proceeds will be donated to The Dougy Center for grieving children and families. If you’re interested, you can check out more below.

Simon Fields led an idyllic life of Midwest suburban bliss with his wife and daughter, until everything was ripped away from him in a split second. A promising life of wonder and possibility suddenly turned to crushing despair and uncertainty. How does one cope?

Halcyon explores the grief process and the very difficult attempt to sort through emotion and move on from tragedy. From desperate sorrow to unyielding happiness, follow Simon as he remembers his family and picks up the pieces through a series of letters to his former next-door neighbor.

With the way the prices are set, each purchase equals a $5.00 donation to TDC. $12.00 for print and $7.17 for eBook. With 70% royalties from Amazon for the eBook, the price of $7.17 equals out to exactly $5.00, which is almost the same for the print version. To be exact, the print version royalties are $5.05 which is the closest I could get with a round price number. (I expect to sell more print copies so I rounded it for customer satisfaction.) If I sell at least 100 copies, I’ll donate the $5.00 worth of nickels as well.

If you can’t afford it or have no way to buy it and still want to help, you can also share this post or others you may see to help get the word out. If the same as above is true but you’d really like to read it, I’m open to making trades for an eBook copy. Send me a message with whatever you think it’s worth.

I’d like to extend a very sincere thank you to anyone that helps in any way they can.



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