Month: January 2016

Anthology Piece

A short story of mine was accepted into an Anthology by Zimbell House Publishing called "On a Dark and Snowy Night." Complimentary copies should start shipping to authors on February 22nd, which means it'll be available to order right around the same time. This collection of short stories must be set in the dead of winter, where anything can happen. Each tale must begin with “On a dark and snowy night…” Zimbell House Publishing is holding open submissions for short stories and novellas to be featured in this upcoming collection that is full of things that can happen in winter. This collection will be unique in that the opening line for each story has been set. Where the story goes from there is up to the contributor. Will it be a tale of true love found? or lost? Has a mad man escaped? A car crash that changed someone’s life? Is it a story where a carriage is found, but the occupants are mysteriously missing? Did a stranded traveler find a sinister abandoned mansion? or a warm and kind hearth to wait out the storm?