Month: October 2015

A Life With You, Second Edition

The second edition of my debut publication is available now. The content has been revised, edited and perfected on a new level, and the cover was redone to reflect the change. There's also a resource for those who purchase the print edition to redeem a free digital edition if desired. Enjoy the read, and thank you for your support.


Sorry for the lack of news lately. I've been busy submitting query letters to agents, trying to find a home for the recently finished manuscript. It's not an easy task so I've been trying to concentrate on it and tweak my approaches to better suit me. Recently I added a couple archived titles to the Books section. No copies can be ordered of these titles, but their covers and information can be seen to get an idea of what I have in my collection. In the coming weeks I hope to put out a few more things. I have a letter out to Paste Magazine that I'm waiting to hear back on, and I'm working on curating some new contacts. Thanks for all the continued support. Stay tuned.